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News: 31 October 2012 - International Workshop of Naples - Italy.
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L. Radics (President)

S. Basile (General Secretary)



1.11.2012 - Ceraso (SA) - Italy - 7th General Assembly
26th July 2011 - Ceraso (SA)-Italy - 6th General Assembly
13th September 2010 - Nitra - 5th General Assembly
7th November 2009 - Budapest - 4th General Assembly
30th August 2008 Vrable-Nitra (Slovakia) - 3rd General Assembly
20th June 2008 - Modena (Italy) - 2nd General Assembly
19th June 2008 - Modena (Italy) - Workshop Education
15th December 2007 - Ráckeve (Hungary) - 1th General Assembly


31.10.2012 - Naples - Italy - International workshop on Organic Farming & E-Learning.


ECOLOGICA is a scientific and technical no-profit international association, founded in 2007, involving 31 members of 8 Countries (Italy, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Greece), including European experts of Organic Farming.

ECOLOGICA was born with the purpose of use and disseminate the results and the products of the international project Ecologica, promoted within the EU Programme Leonardo da Vinci (HU/05/B/F/PP-170018). Six Universities and two OF Associations have worked on the development of the Central Data Bank for the education in the Organic Farming sector and on the creation of seven Knowledge Centres in Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Czek Republic, Slovak Republic, Latvia, Estonia. At each one of the Knowledge Centres was developed an E-Learning Platforms (in the local language), through wich are provided training courses in the OF sector.

ECOLOGICA is member of IFOAM - International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.


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